Vacation Rental Website Marketing Examples

Here's a collection of examples showing you what's included with the complete Vacation Property Marketing system.
The ezVRS system provides you with all the features and services you need to setup your own unique website for your vacation rental property!

Everything, from Site Creation using the wizard, content management, hosting, promotion and marketing - it's all included in our service!

Edit your vacation rental websiteEdit Your Site

The Site Builder Wizard will walk you through every step needed to set up your Vacation Rental Website.

No technical knowledge is needed.

Once your site is created, you may EDIT the details and content at any time - you can change anything at anytime.
The EDIT menu is clearly set out giving clear and simple access to all sections of the website.
There are no complex 'content management' systems with ezVRS - all your property details are directly accessible via the EDIT page and presented clearly for you!

A Promotions menu allows you to quickly get exposure for your Vacation Home in all the key portals as well as market it on craigslist and other similar websites

Manage Your Availability Calendar and Bookings

Vacation Property Availability CalendarThe Built In Availability calendar is a complete system for helping you to manage availability dates, add bookings, manage bookings and also set various options for how bookings are to be handled.

The calendar allows you to quickly set RATES for dates or ranges of dates.

The ezVRS Availability Calendar can be presented on any other website or web page using a JAVSCRIPT widget. This means that you can place your vacation property Availability Calendar on your blog or any other website.

Manage Rates

The ezVRS Availability Calendar can be sued to set and manage all your rates.

In addition, you can set up seasonal rates in a RATES table that will be displayed on the front page of your vacation property website.

Manage Important Rental Documents

If you have documents that you want to share with potential renters, then you may upload them to your Vacation Rental Website.

Marketing and Advertising of your Vacation Rental Property

using ezVRS you will Automatic Syndication to various Portals

Auto-poster to Craigslist

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